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Retired or approaching retirement? Learn about our unique, 21-Point Checklist that is proven to make sure you are able to retire on YOUR terms.

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Most businesses ignore the biggest problem that they face...the IRS. Our Tax Blueprint saves business owners an average of $21,000 on their taxes.

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Lower Costs. Lower Taxes. Real Diversification.

These are the 3 core elements of building wealth. We help invidividuals and businesses develop custom wealth building strategies that are designed to eliminate ways in which we lose money unknowingly and unnecessarily. Common ways in which we lose money are through unnecessary fees inside of our mutual funds, retirement plans, and paying too much in taxes.  

We have proven strategies that will solve these issues so that you can grow and protect your wealth more efficiently. 

"As a company that takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously, we constantly work to promote consumer awareness and educational issues for the people we serve."

- Steve Bassetto, President, SB Financial Group

Business Owner Tax Blueprnt

Along with our partnership with Financial Gravity, we are able to show business owners how they can significantly reduce their person income tax liability. If you are a business owner, in just 30 minutes you can find out how much tax savings you qualify for using our unique Tax Blueprint process.

Our Wealth Building Services For Retirees & Businesses

We help individuals and businesses in a variety of areas to help maximize and protect wealth. 

We answer the 3 biggest questions people have about retirement: 1) When Can I Retire? 2) Can I maintain my lifestyle? 3) Will I Run Out of Money

Retirement Analysis

Through our innovative investment platform, we can create low cost portfolios that maximize returns and minimize risk.

Whether it is life insurance or long term care insurance, we can provide you with unbiased, carrier neutral recommendations. 

Investment Management

Insurance Planning

Business Tax Coaching

Unlike accountants who do end of year tax preparation, we provide a proactive approach to taxes, allowing you to make tax efficient decisions all year.

Part of proper business planning is making sure that the business is protected in case of death or disability of an owner or key employee

Annuities are a popular retirement product, but often misunderstood. We can provide you with an analysis to see if an annuity is appropriate for you.

Business Insurance

Annuity Analysis

This monthly personal planning system will show you how to get your financial house in order, pay lower taxes, ensure you do not outlive your retirement savings, and much more...

The Personal

Organization Kit

The Personal Organization Kit will take you less than 5 minutes to read and will instantly improve your life. 

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